#WellDoneWednesday: Earthegy’s Facebook Page

It’s #WellDoneWednesday time!  Here we review one social profile from a brand whose social media manager is #winning at growing and engaging an audience. 

#WellDoneWednesdayThis week, we present to you: Earthegy.  We found them recently while searching for jewelry with metaphysical properties to explore selling through the shop at Yoga Edge, Inspired Social’s sister business.

On a personal level, I had another interest in it, as well – I too used to be a jewelry designer (back in 2006 – here, one of the only remaining online relics of that business) with an emphasis in helping wearers invoke the healing power of gemstones.  Chrisy has beautifully built the business I had once, only she’d taken it to the heights I’d dreamed of but never achieved.  It would appear that social media has been a big part of their success, given how well they do it.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks they’re great at it:  Social Media Examiner named them one of the Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages of 2012.   Since then, they’ve more than tripled their fan base on that network and are still enjoying a high degree of engagement despite recent organic engagement throttling by Facebook (though that may be a result of Facebook advertising on the brand’s part).


Here’s a quick overview of what they’re doing right:

Lovely photo content combined with interesting facts about the stones and the products.  Even with images of the products themselves, the sales pitch here is still somehow light, yet effective.  Pricing is provided almost as an afterthought, which softens the pitch and keeps the content valuable to the reader.

Plentiful reviews supporting a high rating give new consumers confidence in Earthegy’s business and products – and the brand’s openness to comments by others on their Facebook page is not only a best practice but further reinforces this.  Whatever efforts Earthegy may have had to expend toward encouraging customers to leave feedback  has been very worthwhile indeed.

Though the sell is soft, products are readily available via good strategic use of tabs.   And advertising “Exclusive Sales” for newsletter signups right next to the online shop tab is s strong strategy to convert a casual browser into a buyer – everyone loves a sale, especially an exclusive one.


They’re just flat out interesting!  Earthegy does a great job sharing fascinating information – along with a genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter.  Even in the face of a sell, regardless of how soft – this is critical to build a community of fans around a business.  Absent Chrisy’s knowledge of and excitement for gemstones and jewelry, Earthegy’s Facebook presence would not be nearly as substantial and successful as it is.  Her love of gems and jewels fuels her ability to create great content around her business.

Even the most adept social marketers always have room for improvement.  Earthegy would be well served to publish content of other types – links to content on their blog or on third-party sites, questions to their audience, upload interesting video content about gemstones (apps like Stellar on iOS make it easy and fun, even for the unskilled video producer).   Facebook would reward this variety with even more organic reach (to whatever extent that they do, anymore) and fans would likely enjoy the variety as well – testing would confirm or refute this by measuring overall engagement level before vs. after adding in other content types.

Overally, Earthegy sparkles with their Facebook presence.  Well done!

Do you know a brand who deserves to be recognized for their stellar community growth and engagement skills?  Comment below or tweet to us at @InspiredSocial_ (please include the #WellDoneWednesday hashtag!) and we’ll check them out.  


3 responses to “#WellDoneWednesday: Earthegy’s Facebook Page

  1. Thanks Lori, an honor to be here, and apparently considered noteworthy 🙂 `Chrisy, aka, earthegy

  2. Thanks Chrisy for stopping by! Great job on your page (and on your jewels)! 🙂 Lori

  3. Naturally she is great, even my cat wears her jewellery and I have tons of it!!!

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