My Website & Socials Are NOT Impressive – Here’s Why You Should Work With Me, Anyway

I’m super blessed to have an extensive network of friends who take very good care of me – this includes forwarding me links to freelance / remote positions they think I’d be interested in.  Whether I’m looking to fill more hours or not, I always read the ad because another SMM friend might be perfect for the role.

Even when I’m looking for more work, however; I avoid responding to (or, in all honesty even forwarding on) any ad with some semblance of the following message:

“Our ideal candidate will be OBSESSED with social media – you go to bed checking on your Facebook Group, awake each morning and immediately grab your phone to check your Instagram, and in between, you awaken in the dead of night wondering how many retweets your latest tweet received. You WILL be judged by the audience size and engagements on your personal socials.”

Wait – WHAT?!

I mean – it goes without saying that anyone working in the field should LOVE social media – I do, as an amazing connector of people from around the world, a conduit for information, a vehicle for change, and yes of course – as a super-powerful marketing tool.  I love it, and I know how to WORK it.

But “obsessed“? Notsomuch.

I live a balanced life, spending as much time offline living life as I spend online. #WorkLifeBalanceFTW! I don’t suffer from FOMO, I’m not afflicted with Comparisonitus (as are so many who remain glued to their socials for inordinate amounts of hours each day). I don’t measure my personal worth by my Facebook Friends count, personal Insta or Twitter or LinkedIn Followers or YouTube subscribers. I don’t blog constantly, and I almost never update my website. I don’t even post to my own company (Inspired Social) socials.  It’s like this up in there:


Image via


For a few reasons. Most significantly, I know (and care for) myself well enough to know that I have a certain amount of creativity and energy for my work – and call me crazy, but I feel that should be given completely to the people who pay me – my clients. Those awesome people who, by hiring me, have brought me into their dream and helped make it my dream (for them) as well. THAT is where I choose to use my social strategy, creativity and general marketing mojo.

Not on furthering myself as a thought leader; I’d rather position my clients as thought leaders.

Not on driving traffic to my website; I’d rather send my clients traffic (and, conversions).

Not on running up my personal or my business’ socials audience size / engagement rate; again, I’d rather do that for my clients.

That’s right – my socials and website will downright disappoint you. Dormant. Crickets. Ooooooold posts.

But yours, as my client? Different story. THAT is where the magic happens.

And that’s how it should be.

Some will say I should do both. For a while I did – but I’ve never been a big fan of burnout; it doesn’t do much for me, and it can be flat out damaging for clients when their consultant burns out.

So I put my power, skills, experience and talents where they belong – to work for my amazing clients.

And if that doesn’t make me an “ideal candidate” – nothing will.

SMM friends – are you, like the “perfect candidate”, “OBSESSED with social? Or is work / life balance more your style? Comment below!

What do you think?

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