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#WellDoneWednesday: Growing Bolder’s Facebook Page

This blog is the first in a new series, #WellDoneWednesday.  Periodically, we’ll review one social profile from a brand whose social media manager is #winning at growing and engaging an audience.


This week’s #WellDoneWednesday focuses on Growing Bolder, a multi-media company whose mission is to offer “hope, inspiration & possibility for the 45+ generation.”  Their Facebook presence delivers on that promise.

In addition to posting frequently (they post a minimum of three times per day most every day), Growing Bolder posts a good mix of original branded and curated content, including inspirational stories about the target demo (A45+) from both their own site and other sites, other human interest clips from outside the target demographic and really nicely done branded quote images which are among their most popular content from an engagement perspective.

This screencap from the Growing Bolder Facebook page illustrates how GB uses both targeted topics and more universal messages in its branding images to keep its audience highly engaged.

This screencap from the Growing Bolder Facebook page illustrates how GB uses both targeted topics and more universal messages in its branded quote images to keep its audience highly engaged – and, by the viral nature of these images, to expand their audience.

These branded images are impactful, inspirational and very, very viral.  Growing Bolder makes the most of the format by consistently using the same font on all of their images, which helps set their branded content apart from the masses and creates brand-specific visual cues for interested audience members to pick up on in their own newsfeed.  This likely contributes to the success of these images, which seem to average between 600 – 1500+ likes, with an equal volume of shares.

One of the first things you notice on their page is that their PTAT (People Talking About This) score exceeds their number of fans by nearly 10x.  This is an indicator of having shared extremely viral content.  Indeed, a check of their Page reveals a recent post which boasts nearly 1,800 likes and over 9,200 shares. The success of this post – which was a meme about Daylight Savings Time – proves that success in social marketing extends far beyond pushing your product / service and is really about connecting with people.  Therefore, appealing to common experiences, truths, pain points and other themes of universal appeal is an extremely effective way to bond with social audiences.  Smart brands always remember that social users are more than just “leads” or “target audiences” – they’e people   People relate to, connect with and bond with other people, so be real.  Include widely relevant topics in conversation whenever appropriate.

Room for Improvement
No matter how well a brand leverages any social media, there’s always room for improvement – and Growing Bolder is no exception.   They can likely boost their already impressive engagement rates higher by asking more questions of their audience.  Additionally,  they are fortunate to have a great many dedicated fans visiting their page and posting messages (not just replying to Getting Bolder’s posts) – yet their responses are inconsistent and somewhat shallow.   There’s a lot more opportunity for meaningful interactions with fans there, if they have the resources to foster it.

Growing Bolder’s Facebook page is a great example of successful content marketing and Community management.  Their inspirational and fun presence has something for everyone – of every age.  Well done, Growing Bolder!

Do you know a brand who deserves to be recognized for their stellar community growth and engagement skills?  Comment below or tweet to us at @InspiredSocial_ (please include the #WellDoneWednesday hashtag!) and we’ll check them out.